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The management of the studbook Manouria emys has changed in March 2011. .
The latest changes in the manouria emys studbook are the total of registered animals and keepers.
2010 started with 111 registered animals
By 1 April 2011 there are now 152 animals registered.
Most of these added animals are from birth , newly listed keepers and animals that have been tranfered to keepers
that already have animals listed in the studbook .


On this site some chages have been made .
new articals , facts , links and photo's have been added .
We hope jou enjoy visiting our site.

Op deze site zijn enige dingen veranderd .
Nieuwe artikels , feitjes , links en foto's zijn toegevoegt.


The new studbook report has been added .

nieuwe stamboek report is toegevoegd .

De Studbook foundation ESF heeft nu website www.studbooks.eu